Shock 4Way 3D

Shock 4Way 3D 1.21

Work with 4 desktops in 3D at the same time


  • Allows you to work with 4 screens at once
  • Turns your desktops into 3D


  • Consumes lots of RAM

Very good
Shock 4Way 3D installs a Windows management system similar to Windows Vista or Aqua Macintosh.

When you activate the button of the program in the system tray it launches a three-dimensional vision of four desks. They can be ordered as faces of a cube, as a tapestry with all the desks in the same light or as a succession of them arranged in a row. Shock 4Way 3D has a system of keystrokes to change the view and move from one desktop to another with ease.

The combinations can be customized, but by default they are: Ctrl + Alt + `: Changes to the active window; Ctrl + Alt +1: Changes to the first screen; Ctrl + Alt +2: Changes to the second screen; Ctrl + Alt +3: Changes to the third screen and Ctrl + Alt +4: Changes to the fourth screen.

This program looks great and makes you feel like you're working with a really flashy operating system but be warned - it hogs your RAM terribly and will slow down anything else you have running unless you've got plenty of RAM installed in the first place.

A great looking program that quite literally, adds a new dimension to the way you work on multiple desktops.

bug fixed


  • bug fixed

The general purpose of this program is to use 4 simulating screens simultaneously. To switch into each screen, select one of 4 screens or use shortcut key.

It allows you to work with 4 different desktops in 3D allowing you to rotate them to your heart's content. Breathe new life into Windows!

Shock 4Way 3D


Shock 4Way 3D 1.21

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